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Police dog alerts handler to check river; they can't believe their eyes (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Sometimes we make random, magical encounters. Mako the police dog certainly had such an experience last year when he was on duty near the Swan River.

Mako, the Dutch Shepherd, works for the Western Australia Police Force.

As a police dog, he has a lot of responsibilities, and it can be quite hard for him to relax and unwind.

Police dog notices strange smell

But last year, while he was on duty, he completely forgot about work for just a few minutes. 

Indeed, Mako smelled something intriguing in the air. He followed the scent all the way to the Swan River, dragging his handler behind him. And when his handler saw what was inside the water, she just couldn’t believe her eyes!

Police dog and dolphins play 

Right under their noses were two beautiful dolphins! In a video of the encounter, the cetaceans swim close to the footpath, going back and forth playfully, as if inviting Mako to join them! And if Mako could’ve, he definitely would’ve! The pup edges close to the river’s edge, sniffing intently at his huge new playmates. 

Of course, Mako’s handler keeps him tight on the lead – while dolphins are known for being friendly and social, you must always be cautious with wild animals. At least Mako and the dolphins got to check each other out from a very close proximity. 

What a magical moment for all those involved – including the lucky handler!

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