Yorkie found abandoned in bin

Man hears whining coming from rubbish bin and immediately calls for help

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A man was walking down the road in Tullahoma, Tennessee, when he heard an animal whining from a large commercial waste bin.

Animal welfare officers quickly arrived but couldn’t immediately find the source of the whining.

Left to die in rubbish bag

But when a tightly tied up white rubbish bag was taken out of the bin, it was found, to everyone’s horror, to contain a dog.

The poor dog was in a dreadful state and barely clinging on to life. He was extremely cold and suffering from oxygen deprivation. With access to air, the dog started to come around, giving everyone hope that he might pull through.

The dog, later called Oscar, was quickly taken to an animal shelter to be checked out by vets. There, the little Yorkie was given intravenous fluids and medicine.

Oscar was placed with an experienced foster family to help him get back on his paws. While he may not enjoy having drops in his eyes or cream put on the infection on his bottom, Oscar began to thrive there, burying himself in blankets and playing with his foster siblings.

Ongoing investigation

As Oscar is the subject of an animal welfare investigation, the shelter has had to delay putting him up for adoption. However, we are sure that when applications are open, the shelter will be inundated with people wanting to adopt this handsome and playful boy.

The shelter has urged anyone in the local Tullahoma area who recognises Oscar or knows someone in the area whose senior Yorkie is missing to contact the shelter. They are also reviewing CCTV footage from local businesses to see if that can shed light on who dumped poor Oscar in the bin.

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