German Shepherd puppy born with swimmers syndrome
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Nobody will adopt little Aleu for the most heartbreaking reason

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Adorable Aleu was born with a medical condition that requires special care. Will she ever find the perfect family to love her forever?ย 

The first weeks with a new puppy are always an exciting time, full of surprises and new experiences. 

During this time, puppies learn to explore the world around them, as they start their lives with their human family.

But for some dogs, finding their person can be more of a challenge, and this is sadly the case for little Aleu. 

Aleu, a special girl 

Aleu is a young puppy who was born as the result of an accidental litter. 

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As Husky, German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd crosses, her siblings quickly found loving homes. Because of her medical condition, Aleu is still patiently waiting...

Aleu was born with swimmer syndrome, which meant that her limbs were splayed out laterally. This results in a swimming like movement, and while Aleu is expected to make a full recovery, she will need lots of support in the coming months.

Finding her furever home

With the right home-care treatment, and intensive physiotherapy, Aleu will go on to live a happy, normal life. 

But will she ever find people with enough patience and commitment to help her? 

Rescue group Rescate Animal Granada recently shared the puppy's story on their Instagram profile.

Her post was liked over 1,000 times. "She's beautiful", commented a follower. Thankfully, it seems this beautiful girl has had lots of interest, so hopefully she will soon be settling in to her new home. 

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