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Couple spend £80,000 to fly with their dogs (video)

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A globetrotting couple has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure their three beloved dogs can join them on a whirlwind world tour.

Melanie Demi and her husband, Albert, meticulously planned the extravagant journey, saving £36,500 over two years to make their dream a reality.

Private jet

The decision to charter a private jet at £80,0000 arose as their Great Dane was deemed too hefty for regular cargo travel, and even pet-friendly cruise liners wouldn't accommodate his breed. The trio of dogs, Great Dane Lucas, Golden Retriever Cooper, and Dachshund mix Brooklyn, embarked on a lavish transatlantic flight from New York to Paris.

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The couple, both remote workers, have been on the road for four months, exploring six countries, including France, Germany, Austria, Czechia, England, and Scotland. Opting for dog-friendly Airbnbs, they've balanced work with two major family adventures each week, from the foot of the Eiffel Tower to the Christmas markets and beaches of Edinburgh.

Trip of a lifetime

Despite the eye-watering expense and months of meticulous planning, Melanie and Albert say they are incredibly grateful for the unique experience and being able to bring their canine companions with them on their travels.

Watch how this couple relocated their dogs:

The couple plans to continue their adventures until the end of November 2023, having visited the French Riviera, Italian wine country, Florence, Croatia, Kosovo, and Oktoberfest in Germany, before concluding their epic journey back in France.

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