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Alison Hammond could be axed from 'For the Love of Dogs'

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Alison Hammond, the beloved presenter of This Morning, may be facing an uncertain future as the host of ITV’s For The Love Of Dogs. 

After stepping into the shoes of the late Paul O'Grady, Hammond has encountered criticism from viewers and rumours swirl that she might be axed from the show.

Despite her warm personality and enthusiasm, Hammond's tenure as the host has reportedly fallen short of expectations. According to sources, ITV executives are "considering axing Alison" due to a lukewarm reception from the audience.

A controversial transition

Since the sudden passing of Paul O'Grady, who hosted the show since its inception in 2012, fans eagerly anticipated who would carry on his legacy. In January, it was announced that Alison Hammond would take over the helm, a decision met with mixed reactions.

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While Hammond expressed her reverence for O'Grady's iconic presence on the show, some fans have criticised her lack of pet ownership as evidence of her disinterest in animals. Despite her efforts to engage with viewers and share her enthusiasm for the program, Hammond has faced backlash on social media platforms.

An insider revealed that "Unfortunately the casting has not worked out how the team behind the show hoped - and it has turned out to be a bit of a misfit. ITV are very disappointed because it's such a well-loved programme, and of course Alison is an ITV favourite too. But unfortunately sometimes in spite of everyone's best efforts, things just don't work out."

Just rumours for now...

However, ITV has not confirmed these claims. Instead, they have defended Hammond, highlighting her warmth and dedication to the series. The network nonetheless remains tight-lipped about her future on the show.

As the debate over Alison Hammond's suitability as the host of For The Love Of Dogs rages on, viewers are left to ponder the future direction of the beloved program.

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