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Puppy with two legs goes up to dogs; no one can believe what happens next

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Despite the fact that Joey is a little different, he approaches life with a joy and determination like no other!

Joey was born with a genetic deformity. While all his siblings were born healthy, he was born without his two front legs.

A home for a special needs pup

Because of his disability, it was hard for Joey to find a home. All his siblings found one in no time, but no one wanted to adopt a two-legged puppy. Even Joey’s breeder didn’t feel like she could properly provide for him.

So, she decided to bring Joey to the Vintage Pet Rescue Shelter in Rhode Island. This special animal shelter is home to senior dogs as well as dogs with disabilities or terminal illnesses. 

Bringing light to everyone’s lives

When Joey arrives at the shelter, he is clearly different from all the others, not only because of his disability but also because of his energy levels! All the other dogs are older, while Joey is still a hyper puppy.

His rescuers were a little worried about the dogs meeting, but they shouldn’t have been! Indeed, when the older dogs met vivacious little Joey, they started to play more, and became more lively in general. Joey brought them the vitality they needed.

Now, Joey has been fitted with his very own set of wheels and is able to get around more easily. He’ll soon be ready for his forever home. We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy adventures this brave pup gets up to!

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