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Vet astonished at the eyewatering number of puppies Chihuahua delivers (video)

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Dawn and Bill Slater are huge pet lovers, so when they discovered that one of their Chihuahuas, Coco, was pregnant, they were over the moon.

The pregnancy was great news for the Slaters, but all was not quite as it seemed…

A huge haul

As responsible pet parents, Dawn and Bill  took little Coco to the vet for her checkups as soon as they discovered she was pregnant. The vet confirmed good progress of gestation and told them to expect five healthy puppies.

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A few weeks later, Coco started giving birth to her tiny Chihuahua puppies. When the fifth healthy puppy arrived, Dawn and Bill assumed that their job was over, but they were in for quite a surprise!

Coco gave birth to a sixth puppy, and she wasn’t done there. In fact, she was just getting started!

"When the ninth puppy arrived, he was in trouble and we started to wonder when all this was going to end. It was incredible.”

A staggering ten pups!

A few seconds later, the tenth (and last) puppy was born. This meant that new mum Coco had given birth to twice as many puppies as predicted! Fortunately, the little pooch had no complications during this unusual birth, and all the puppies quickly found homes for life once they were weaned.

It’s worth noting that Chihuahuas generally have litters of 1 to 3 puppies, so Coco's range is, therefore, quite exceptional.

Take a look at the video below to see the pregnant pooch.

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