Mini Poodle covered in matted hair
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Vet removes 8lbs of matted hair, revealing a beautiful mini Poodle underneath

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Animal welfare officers initially saw a crumpled blanket in a corner, only to discover to their shock, it was a matted mini Poodle hidden in plain sight.

Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement Division swiftly responded to a distress call concerning a severely neglected mini Poodle.

Shocking discovery

Upon arriving at the scene, SPCA Detectives struggled to find the animal. However, what initially appeared to be a crumpled piece of fabric in the corner of the room was an unfortunate 9-year-old male mini Poodle named Pierre.

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The poor dog struggled to see and move due to extreme matting around its eyes and extremities. Moreover, a strong stench of faeces and urine encircled the animal.

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In a race against time, Pierre was rushed to the vet for emergency care. There, Pierre's condition became all the more distressing as over 8 lbs. of faeces and urine-soaked matting was removed during a painstaking two-hour procedure.

Hope for Pierre

Shockingly, a collar had almost fused with the dog's neck, further highlighting the depth of neglect.

Fortunately, the procedure concluded without major complications, and Pierre was finally free from his entangled hair prison. Though he faces the challenge of relearning to walk, Pierre is in good spirits. He is also receiving treatment for a bladder infection and skin sores, which is unsurprising given his ordeal. 

The dog remains under the care of the animal hospital, with plans to find him a new loving home soon. Meanwhile, Pierre's owner faces animal cruelty charges for this horrendous neglect.

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