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Video shows owner throwing dog out of plane: Three seconds in, everyone's stunned

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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The image alone is enough to make your heart skip a beat - he isn't really going to throw the dog out of the plane, is he?!

If you're afraid of heights, even the introduction to the video posted on @myhuman_andme might make you feel a bit funny.

The Corgi and his human appear to be in a plane, high above the clouds with the door wide open. The poor pup looks as if he's hovering in the air, staring down at what's below... Does his owner have something horrible in store for him? 

Is he really going to throw the dog out of the plane? 

Most people couldn't believe their eyes at what followed the opening clip. What at first seemed like clouds, is revealed to actually be an optical illusion.

The angle and the lighting were tricking us... the dog is actually being held above snow! 

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An optical illusion

Viewers were so relieved when the excited Corgi is actually tossed into a pile of fresh snow. He immediately starts scurrying around, overjoyed to be there. 

"Oh my goodness, I just had a heart attack, hahahahaha" 

commented an amused viewer. Meanwhile, other people explained their different perspectives, commenting, "At first I thought the doggy was going to be thrown into space". 

The video just goes to show that a lot of what we see comes down to a matter of perspective. We're just thrilled that this happy little guy ended up loving the experience! 

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