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Tiny Homeless puppy finds joy at last when it makes a new friend (video)

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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An adorable kitten and the sweetest-looking puppy in the world became best friends at their rescue shelter. See what happens when cute meets cuter.

Chomper is a tiny kitten that was found huddled up under a porch. She'd been dumped there by some heartless human. Ruggles is a cute Shih Tzu rescued from a puppy mill. And we all know how horrible those places are.

Such a sweet little couple

In other words, these little guys had the roughest starts in life. And it showed. Both cuties were completely shut down when they arrived at the same rescue centre.

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And then something amazing happened. They met each other. These little survivors were kindred spirits and instantly became best friends. Volunteers at the rescue shelter called it love at first sight.

They showed each other that a better world was possible, one in which both of them would be loved forever. Their bond helped them learn to trust humans.

Despite their early traumas, Ruggles and Chompers became happy, healthy animals and were soon ready for their forever homes.

Both cuties found their perfect people and are living their best lives ever. They're happy and loved every single day.

Ruggles became the rescue ambassador for the shelter that saved him from the puppy mill. He visits schools, community centres, and public events with his proud pet parents, where they educate people on the dangers of puppy mills and how to adopt dogs responsibly.

Cruel and dangerous

Puppy mills are cruel and dangerous. Breeders prioritise profit over animal welfare, often keeping dogs in cramped, unsanitary conditions. 

The breeding dogs are forced to produce litter after litter, leading to serious health issues, and their puppies are often sold without proper socialisation, screening, or veterinary care.

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