Xray of pug's stomach reveals coins
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Dog owner knew about this for 5 years, but thought the problem would solve itself

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While the vet might be surprised by what he discovers on the dog’s x-rays, it’s learning the truth from the dog’s owner that really stuns him.

Most responsible pet owners will not think twice about taking their dog to the vet if they know something has happened that could make them ill such as swallowing a random object. They certainly wouldn’t ignore it for five years! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the owner of this Pug.

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X-ray revelation 

The owner had brought the little dog into the vet for a checkup on the pup’s heart. During the dog’s assessment, the vet decides to do an x-ray on the 11-year-old. That’s when he makes the incredible discovery.

Reviewing the x-rays, the vet spots a large, round, flat object in the gastrointestinal tract, which looks to be made of metal. 

The vet tells the owner of their findings and that he believes the object is a coin. The vet couldn’t have anticipated what the owner would reveal.

Ignored for five years

Rather than be shocked to learn their Pug had swallowed a coin, the owners knew all about it. They revealed that the little dog had swallowed the coin five years ago. Yes, five years ago!

Here's the x-ray of the pug's stomach:

As the coin didn’t seem to be bothering the dog, the owners decided not to do anything about it, not even get it checked out by the vet. They assumed that as it wasn’t causing the dog any issues, an operation to remove the coin wasn’t necessary.

We imagine the vet may have had a few words of advice for this owner should a similar situation happen again!

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