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Woman hires a dog-sitter, what she sees on the dog-cam is extremely inappropriate

Dogcam captures naked dogsitter dog-wow
© ABC7 News Bay Area - Youtube

Three weeks ago, Rosie Brown had to leave South Bay to attend an out of town wedding. Not able to take her dogs with her, she used a dog-sitting app known as Wag! Unfortunately, not everything went as planned, to say the least.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 May 2019

Yet, Rosie had warned the young dog-walker, Casey, that she had installed a dog-cam in her living room. A detail Casey didn’t mind, or rather didn’t care about!

Awkward footage captured

As Rosie was having fun, enjoying her time at the wedding, she received an alert from the dog-cam. When she took a look at the footage, she realised there was a stranger in her house!

As she continued to watch the video, Rosie quickly understood the stranger is Casey’s boyfriend. The two are seen kissing, entering bedrooms together and closing the doors behind them, as well as walking around and laying on the couch COMPLETELY naked.

“It got hot and as I’ve said, I don’t like wearing clothes,” was Casey’s only explanation.

An unsatisfied client

Understandably, Rosie was deeply shocked: “To see that video where she’s just butt naked, you know, sitting on it, laying on it…that was really hard because we just bought it. I don’t lay down there anymore. That used to be my favourite spot. Right in the middle, but now I don’t really touch it.”

To make matters worse, the video shows that Casey was only taking the dogs out for 5-minute walks instead of the 30 to 60-minute walks that had been agreed upon with Rosie.

Rosie has of course decided to complain to Wag! Casey was suspended from the company, which stated: “The reported behaviour in this situation is unacceptable and contrary to our Community Guidelines.”

Wag! is now also paying for Rosie’s lock-change and cleaning fees.