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Catalan Sheepdog

Other names: Gos d'Atura Català, Catalan Shepherd, Catalonian Sheepdog

Catalan Sheepdog

The Catalan Sheepdog is a breed of Pyrenean mountain dog. The breed originates from the Spanish province of Catalonia and has since found a home in other countries including Finland, Germany and the UK. It is a droving dog that is taught to use its initiative in the course of its work. Intelligent, loyal and easy to train (if not a little stubborn) the Catalan Sheepdog would make an excellent household pet. 

Key facts about the Catalan Sheepdog

Life expectancy :





Temperament :

Calm Intelligent

Size :

Origins and history

The Catalan Sheepdog is thought to have been brought to Spain by the armies of Rome over two thousand years ago. Dogs of the breed were used as military messengers during the First and Second World Wars when they joined armies involved in European conflicts. By the 1970s the breed was almost extinct; it still remains rare today. 

FCI breed nomenclature

FCI Group

Group 1 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)


Section 1 : Sheepdogs

Physical characteristics of the Catalan Sheepdog

    Adult size

    Female : Between 18 and 21 in

    Male : Between 19 and 22 in


    Female : Between 35 and 44 lb

    Male : Between 40 and 57 lb

    Coat colour

    Type of coat

    Eye colour



    Strong and well-proportioned is the Catalan; it has a slightly elongated body. The overall impression is of a muscular and agile dog. Its head is strong and angular with a short, blunt muzzle. Its ears hang close to the head. 

    Good to know

    The Catalan is known to suffer with allergies either caused by food additives or the environment. If you notice symptoms of an allergic reaction (paw-licking, scooting, coughing, sneezing) you should consult a vet to find out what are the best remedies of the ailment.


    • 66%


      The Catalan Sheepdog has a pleasant personality and is exceptionally affectionate.  

    • 66%


      This dog likes to please its owner but can be a bit of a show off; sometimes silly as well.

    • 100%


      Exercising this dog regularly keeps its temperament cool, calm and well-balanced.

    • 100%


      This is a very intelligent dog; it wears an expression that suggests clarity of mind.

    • 33%


      Catalan Sheepdogs are not hunters; they are herding dogs. They do not have a high prey drive. 

    • 100%

      Fearful / wary of strangers

      Catalans tend to be reserved and timid around strangers, but with some coaxing will soon relax. 

    • 66%


      Because it is a herding dog, the Catalan is prone to independence and willfulness. 

      Behaviour of the Catalan Sheepdog

      • 66%

        Tolerates solitude

        Catalan Sheepdogs do not tolerate solitude. They are hungry for human company. 

      • 100%

        Easy to train / obedience

        Exceptionally easy to train is the Catalan. Training however must be carried out by a confident master who is consistent and who varies their style of training; Catalan Sheepdogs get bored easily. 

      • 33%


        The Catalan does not bark to excess if properly trained to know when to stop. It is likely to bark at visitors during its first meeting with them.

      • 33%