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5 Small fluffy dogs that are absolutely adorable

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Who doesn’t want a cute, fur-ball as their next pet? But just how do you choose a small fluffy dog that you can cuddle on your lap?

Of course, fluffy dogs come in all shapes and sizes and they are all certainly delightful and endearing. You have to admit though, that the smaller versions are very sweet and adorable and would be a great companion dog. From Toy Poodles to Pomeranians, here is our choice of the 5 cutest, most adorable, small fluffy dogs.

No 1. Toy Poodle

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When you mention a small fluffy dog, the Toy Poodle immediately springs to mind. Although their ancestry is uncertain; did they come from France or Germany, they are indeed descendants of English heritage. Appearing in a variety of colours and standing at around 11 inches tall to the hips. Most of this breed is hypoallergenic and don’t shed much fur. They certainly do need to be groomed and bathed frequently, to keep them looking at their best.

This small breed is known to have a long lifespan but some dogs can be prone to health issues. Some are susceptible to heart and kidney conditions. Likewise, others may suffer from retinal eye problems and cataracts. Toy Poodles are known to have common ear infections. Above all, if you are searching for a new pet, this fluffy dog makes a fantastic house pet and companion and is a great family dog.

No 2. Maltese

Maltese small dog  © Pixabay

This cute toy breed dog certainly fits into the small, fluffy dog category. He is so tiny that he is the perfect choice for apartment and small space living conditions. Weighing between 6 to 14 pounds they don’t take up much room! Their fluffy hair is quite fine and can be quite “knotty” so daily brushing is a must. Another issue that affects the Maltese dog is the tear staining under his eyes, although there are products available to deal with this.

As a result of their small size, they definitely aren’t working dogs. Similarly, although they are happy to run around and play inside the house, they don’t need long walks in the rain.

No 3. Bolognese

The Bolognese is a cute bundle of fluff  © Pixabay

Related to the Bichon Frise, this tiny, curly haired pup is certainly a lap dog. Although often quite shy, this cute little dog loves to have playtimes too. They do make excellent companion pets but be aware that they may dedicate their affection to just one person in the house. Of course, this depends on the dog’s personality and family members.

Check out the Bolognese breed sheet

No 4. Pomeranian

Small Pomeranian dog  © Pixabay

The spirited “Pom-Pom” as they are sometimes known, fits into the small, fluffy and toy dog group very easily. Weighing no more than 8 pounds and at just 5 to 11 inches high, he is a small dog with a huge personality. Pomeranians are bred in a vast 18 colours but his fluffy fur is certainly his defining feature. Grooming is inevitable with this breed especially as he moults his undercoat at least twice yearly, therefore a daily brushing will be necessary. These smart little pups are easy to train, despite their extrovert and alert character, making them wary of strangers.

No 5. Shih Tzu

The gorgeous Shih Tzu © Pixabay

The fluffy dogs from the Shih Tzu breed are not as yappy as some small dog breeds however they can be rather difficult to toilet train. With their squishy, cute face they are quite irresistable. Although they do require frequent grooming they are known not to shed their coats too often. Just like many other toy dog breeds they aren’t too happy around children, but with the correct training, they will be quite friendly.

Chose a small, fluffy dog as a family pet

It’s very easy when you take in a tiny, fuzzy puppy to allow him to rule your home. Due to their small size, many owners think that they don’t need any obedience lessons, but this is far from true. Even small, cute pups need some form of training otherwise it will result in an ill-tempered dog with poor manners. Some dogs are really spoiled but this only allows them to become quite dominant, believing that they are the masters. Certainly one way to overcome this, is to ensure you don’t go all gooey-eyed over your small, bundle of fluff.

Because dogs are very friendly and loving, they do have an enormous impact on your life. Small, fluffy, dog breeds are just the right size for snuggling and cuddling up to as well. Not only do they make amazing companions, but they are also guaranteed to improve your mood.

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