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5 Best low-fat dog food

By Dawn Parrish Content Writer

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Your pet is likely to need a low-fat dog food brand if he is overweight or suffers from certain health conditions like pancreatitis. But where do you begin to find a suitable product?

Chances are that you have been advised by a canine, medical professional to change your dog’s diet to a low-fat brand. There are several reasons why you need to make this change:

Obesity and diet

Perhaps your dog needs to lose excess weight. If your dog is heavier than he should be for not only his breed but also for his size and age. It’s very easy for our pets to gain weight. Because most dogs like treats, tastes of human food yet not all get lots of exercises, the pounds quickly creep on. Certainly, as your dog gets older they can also be susceptible to gaining weight.

Health conditions

If your dog suffers from certain health conditions such as obesity or chronic or acute pancreatitis, a low-fat dog food will benefit his well-being. Other medical conditions that require a low-fat variety of dog food are EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) and IBD (irritable bowel disease). Certainly, any canines that have hyperlipidaemia that is their blood contains high levels of triglycerides benefit from a low-fat dog food. Likewise, a low-fat diet is recommended for canines with malabsorption issues and intolerance to dietary fat.

It can sometimes be rather difficult to source a good quality, low-fat, dog food brand as many pet food manufacturers offer diets that are high in carbs yet with less meat content.

What to look for when buying a low-fat dog food

First of all, your dog needs a food product that is not only low in calories, but one that will also provide sufficient nutrients to support his general well-being and overall health. Manufacturers suggest the following fat and calorific values determine the specific benefits of their brands.

Low-fat – should contain less than 9% fat of dry diet (less than 17% of calories from fat content)

Moderate amount of fat – will contain between 10-15% of fat (between 17-23% of calories)

High in Fat – Contents are more than 20% fat

If you feed other diets to your pet, the important fat content to justify as a low-fat product are: wet, canned 4%; moist dog food 7% and dry feed 9%. Certainly, don’t just take the manufacturer’s claims that the menu is for “weight control”, for “senior dogs” or is “low-fat”.

5 Best Low-fat dog food brands in the UK

To help with your research for a quality, dog food brand that is low in fat but that will allow your pet to not only stay trim but also to live a healthy life, we have made some suggestions.

Purina ONE Smart-Blend Healthy Weight Formula Dry Dog Food

To promote a healthy adult dog weight, Purina adds turkey protein and rice in this low-fat, dog food brand. Added nutrients and Omega oils mean that your dog will still receive all the health benefits of this diet, yet remain at a healthy weight. This brand has a stated fat content between 8-12%.

IAMS Light Adult Dog Food

Suggested for overweight dogs, this balanced diet has two main ingredients: turkey and chicken (17%) and a dry weight fat content 10%.

Promotes healthy digestion and contains a high amount of beet pulp, prebiotics and fibre. Chicken protein supports muscle strength while being fortified with many nutrients, minerals and Omega oils.

Hill's Science Plan Perfect Weight Canine Adult Medium

This low-fat, dog food brand contains no added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. Recommended for slightly, overweight adult dogs over one year old. Fat content at 11.50%.

Bakers Complete Weight Control

An overweight dog still needs sufficient nutrition to maintain their healthy lifestyle. This low-fat dog food certainly provides plenty of minerals and vitamins yet has 20% less fat content than a standard adult, complete dog food. Fat content listed in the ingredients is a very low, 7.0%.

Royal Canin Lightweight Care

The ideal choice for dogs that need a low-fat diet when suffering from specific medical conditions, such as gastritis, enteropathy, chronic and acute pancreatitis and others. This low-fat product with a fat content of only 7%, improves digestive function where dogs have issues with fat tolerance.

Change your dog’s life with a healthy diet

All pet owners naturally want the optimum diet for their best friends.  You need a product that not only keeps them trim but also to provide maximum health benefits. Obesity in canines is just as serious as it is for humans. This health issue needs to be dealt with swiftly so that your pet’s weight doesn’t reach a crisis point. Many owners express their love for their dogs through the products that they feed them. Consequently, more than half of the dogs in the UK are obese or overweight. Be kind to your dog – feed him a low-fat dog food and cut down on his treats. Likewise, ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercises, a twice-daily walk is a must!

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