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Try out our 7 best dog friendly holidays

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Put your beloved dog into kennels or take her with you on a dog friendly holiday: what would you rather do? Check out these seven resorts that don’t just welcome dogs: they cater for them as well.

It seems a shame to put your dog into kennels if you don’t have to. Even handing her over to a relative or friends before we jet off to somewhere hot and sunny doesn't seem right.

But that’s what we do, because it’s easier to do that than take the dog with us.

However, what if you forgot the Tenerife fortnight just once and focus on somewhere closer to home, you’ll find a myriad of resorts offering almost everything the Spanish colony has (and more!)

What is a dog friendly holiday?

Hardly any of us choose to take a holiday with our dog, because we’re not aware of which resorts and holiday lodges accept dogs and which don't. Thus, in order to simplify things we’ve put together a list of seven of the very best dog friendly resorts around the UK.

The places we've listed are those that welcome families with dogs, and that boast one or more of the following:

  • Wide open spaces
  • Beaches
  • Human comforts
  • Forests and fields
  • Fewer crowds
  • Rivers and wildlife
  • Peaceful night times in front of a fire

What more is there to like? So without further ado, here are seven holiday resorts that are classed as the ultimate dog friendly holidays:

Castle Pren Lodges

Found in the heart of Welsh Wales, Castle Pren is one of the ultimate doggy destinations. The small complex of eco-friendly wooden chalets is surrounded by 2,000 acres of farmland criss-crossed by public rights of way that lead you to unspoilt woodland. Castle Pren is a haven of comfort for the family too: each two-bedroom chalet offers modern entertainment systems, internet connectivity, comfortable furniture and a hot tub. For a dog friendly holiday that has something for everyone Castle Pren is worth considering.

Henlle Hall Woodland Lodges

From the stable blocks adjacent to the stunning manor house of Henlle Hall has been created four holiday cottages for the enjoyment of you and your dog. The grounds boast a significant 17 acres of cultivated parkland, which makes this retreat one of the most picturesque. Your dog isn’t into the aesthetic of the place though; she wants to run and hide and sniff out squirrels, which is exactly what she will be able to do for hours on end. The cottages are furnished and finished with every modern convenience.

Exmoor Gate Lodges

The rugged and rolling moorland of Exmoor beckons those who visit Exmoor Gate Lodges. Nestled on the edge of what was one of England’s Royal Forests, Exmoor Gate has something for everyone and especially your dog. Woodland and moorland beckons her on an adventure that could (if you felt energetic) last for a whole day, for not only are there plenty of public rights of way but there are also plenty of public houses, for the much-needed stop off on a dog day from heaven.

Landal Darwin Forest

Just on the edge of the Peak District, Landal Darwin Forest is somewhere to consider if you are looking for the active dog friendly holiday. The lodges and cottages are situated in the forest and around the complex are hundreds of walks for the outdoorsy dog: there is woodland, moorland and wetland, and no matter what your dog usually gets up to at home, here she will be at one with nature once more. For the humans, each cottage is fitted out with most of the appliances and technology you would expect from a plush hotel.

Ribblesdale Lodges

Ribblesdale Lodges is a small and cosy group of cottages in the grounds of Gisburn Park Estate, Lancashire, owned by the Lister family for four hundred years. The grounds host various wildlife including peacocks and deer, and the manor stretches for 1,000 acres. The park is ideal for long walks through an idyll that is also the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. For a dog, it doesn’t get much better than this; for the human, each cottage has a hot tub and modern fittings, and nearby is an outdoor pool and gourmet eatery.

The Bay

The Bay is a holiday village just a few minutes away from the beaches of the Yorkshire coast. To the east is the sea and to the west the rugged and challenging terrain of the North Yorkshire moors. Let your dog choose what the adventure will be today and give her all the time she needs to explore. Then, return to the comfort of one of The Bay’s prestigious holiday homes to relax amid luxury and tranquility. In the morning, why not take your dog to the beach to watch the sun rise over another action-packed day?

Finlake Holiday Resort

Head down to Devon for Finlake resort and you will find a dog friendly holiday beyond compare. Finlake is situated on the edge of Dartmoor National Park:a vast and ancient moorland that offers both gentle walks with stunning views and challenging walks with breathtaking views. Finlake is near the small town of Chudleigh, which is an ideal place for the human who wants to take in the quaintness and friendliness of Devonshire. The complex itself boasts tennis courts, a gym, fishing and other human recreations (so no-one will be bored).

Dog friendly holidays do exist. Just take some time to find them and always check the reviews for each before booking.

Remember: dogs love to explore the world around them, and the more rural and wild the world the more they will be interested. All of these resorts offer something for you and your dog but one thing is assured: your dog will sleep well after a day of exploring and adventuring.

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