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Are dogs allowed in Chester zoo? Let's find out!

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Are dogs allowed in Chester zoo?

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Chester Zoo, in Cheshire, England, is a beloved destination for animal lovers and families seeking a day of adventure. But can dogs join in on the fun?

While the zoo offers a captivating array of wildlife from across the globe, some visitors wonder if they can bring their own furry friends along for the journey.

Are dogs allowed in Chester Zoo?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no—dogs are not allowed within the confines of Chester Zoo.

Are dogs on leads allowed in Chester Zoo?

The policy regarding dogs at Chester Zoo is clear-cut—no dogs, regardless of size or temperament, are permitted on the premises. This regulation is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both the zoo's animals and its human guests. With thousands of visitors exploring the zoo's pathways daily, the presence of dogs could potentially disrupt the natural behaviours of the resident wildlife or cause stress to sensitive species.

Moreover, dogs on leads are not exempt from this rule. While some establishments may permit leashed dogs under strict supervision, Chester Zoo maintains a strict no-dogs policy to uphold the highest standards of animal welfare and visitor experience.

Are assistance and guide dogs allowed in Chester Zoo?

Exceptions are made for assistance and guide dogs at Chester Zoo. Recognising the vital role these service animals play in aiding individuals with disabilities, the zoo extends a warm welcome to accredited assistance and guide dogs. These specially trained canines are permitted to accompany their owners throughout (most) of the zoo grounds. Certain routes remain inaccessible to them for animal welfare reasons.

It's essential for visitors with assistance or guide dogs to adhere to established guidelines for responsible pet ownership. Keeping the service animal under control, ensuring they do not disturb other animals or visitors, and cleaning up after them are essential responsibilities. In addition, anyone bringing a service dog onto the grounds should contact the zoo in advance to let them know.

Does Chester Zoo have dog kennels?

Despite the prohibition on dogs within the zoo, Chester Zoo does not offer on-site dog kennels for visitors. As such, guests are advised to make alternative arrangements for their canine companions before embarking on their zoo adventure. Local pet boarding facilities or arrangements with family and friends may provide suitable options for pet care while exploring the wonders of Chester Zoo.

While the absence of dog kennels may inconvenience some visitors, it underscores the zoo's commitment to maintaining a safe and enriching environment for all its guests, both human and animal alike.

So, as you plan your next visit to Chester Zoo, remember to leave your furry friends at home!

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