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Dogs can be matchmakers

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Two heart-warming love stories that prove dogs are matchmakers

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Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful love story? And it’s even better when there is a pet involved. The online dog matching community, BorrowMyDoggy, shares some heartwarming stories below.

Dogs are truly wonderful animals. Not only do they positively impact our physical health by encouraging us to get outside and go for walks, but our mental health too. Spending around 10 to 15 minutes with a happy dog can leave you feeling calm, relaxed and your everyday stresses relieved.

But, did you know? It’s not just our health that dogs impact… They do wonders for our social life too. Most owners would agree that when taking a walk in the park with their dog they’ll definitely chat with other people - whether that be fellow owners or even dog lovers.

And when it comes to BorrowMyDoggy, the online service connecting owners and their dogs with local borrowers, almost half of their members join to make new friends and be part of the local dog-loving community. Borrowers and owners share that getting to know their matches is like meeting new friends.

Maggie, an owner on BorrowMyDoggy shares: “You get to meet people from all around your area and it builds a community. We’ve become friends with our borrower, who lives just across the street.

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But, with dogs creating such great social lives for us humans, has there ever been anything more than friendship?...

A BorrowMyDoggy love story

While BorrowMyDoggy specialises in matching dogs with humans, there have been rumours of romance sparking between members - and with a mutual respect and love of dogs, we can’t blame them!

Watch below to see how Churro, the gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, played matchmaker to owner Rod and their borrower, Mia. It’s a truly heartwarming tale (or such we say, tail!).

Mia joined BorrowMyDoggy as a borrower and was searching for the right dog to join her for long walks in Epping Forest. She absolutely fell in love with Churro after seeing his photos. After a few walks with Churro, Rod (Churro’s owner) plucked up the courage to ask Mia to join him and Churro for a Sunday Roast…

Fast forward a year they’re living together and now have a puppy of their own, Chilli, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - who now needs some wonderful borrowers too!

A true friendship

Although we can’t guarantee that you’d find love on BorrowMyDoggy (the human to human kind!) they always hear of magical friendships blooming. Charlie the Cavapoo helped bring his owner, Marion and dog lover June together.

June, dog lover and borrower, joined BorrowMyDoggy after her dog passed away and she felt now wasn’t a good time to have another dog of her own. She matched with Charlie and his owner, Marion. “I’ve got Charlie as a little friend and Marion and I get on very well, too. We went to the ballet together and then out for lunch as part of Marion’s Birthday treat. I’m like an honorary granny to Marion.

When dog owner Marion moved she joined BorrowMyDoggy so she and Charlie could meet new friends. They matched with “honorary granny” June, and as Marion says, “June’s a councillor and I’m a councillor in training, so that’s perfect. She even brought me soup when I was ill.

How sweet?!

So whether you’re looking to spend time with a local dog or to meet new friends, the BorrowMyDoggy community seems the best place to start!

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