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Safety tips for your pet this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving safety tips for your pets

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It's almost Thanksgiving, the time of year when we take a few moments to appreciate what matters to us most. And for pet owners like us, our cats and dogs are usually top of the list. And because you love them so much, we thought you'd appreciate some Thanksgiving pet safety tips.

Thanksgiving is a time of the year that everybody can enjoy, including our furry, four-legged friends. After all, these good boys and girls are part of the family. So why shouldn't they get to join in the fun? Plus, we bet you can't think of many more things you're so grateful for!

We'll look at the really important stuff, like what foods our pets can eat, as well as a few extra Thanksgiving pet safety tips to make sure everybody has a happy holiday!

Is Turkey bad for dogs and cats?

Turkey is lean meat that's perfectly fine for dogs and cats. In fact, turkey meat can be an essential part of any pet's healthy diet. Turkey has a high protein content and contains a healthy amount of vitamins that regulate critical bodily functions.

But there's a big difference between cooking plain turkey breasts for your pet and the juicy bird that sits in the middle of the Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving turkey is usually seasoned with salt, pepper, butter, and other spices. And while this tickles human tastebuds, it won't be so kind on your pet's stomach. This rich seasoning can cause an upset stomach, leaving our furry friends with abdominal pain and even diarrhoea. 

You should also avoid giving pets turkey bones as a thanksgiving treat. Turkey bones can splinter easily, causing nasty cuts in the mouth, abdominal blockage, and other health issues.

What Thanksgiving foods are bad for dogs?

We know it's hard - especially when they work those puppy dog eyes - but avoid the temptation to sneak your pet some table scraps during dinner. Several classic Thanksgiving foods are toxic and even life-threatening to dogs. They include onions, garlic, and pumpkin pie dessert. Even healthy foods like green beans and mash potato are often cooked with ingredients that can upset a dogs stomach, like butter and milk.

Bread dough should also be kept out of harm's way. Dog and cat's don't have the enzymes to break down yeast. As such, the yeast continues to convert into carbon dioxide gas and then alcohol. Even a small amount of alcohol is hazardous to pets. Some of the worst side effects are a distended stomach and blood poisoning.

What Thanksgiving foods are bad for cats?

Onions, garlic, and pumpkin pie are also bad for cats. And keep them away from fatty foods like Turkey skin as this will cause digestion issues.

As a general rule, Thanksgiving foods that are bad for dogs are also bad for cats. However, cat owners should take some extra precautions, especially when preparing food. Cats can reach places our dogs only dream off, like kitchen sides or the top shelf of an open fridge. So keep kitty out of the kitchen when you're in chef mode. You only need to turn away for a few seconds to give them a chance to munch on forbidden treats.

What can I give my dog on Thanksgiving?

If cooked correctly, turkey, potatoes, and green beans can make tasty thanksgiving dinners for the pooch. Just make sure any foods are prepared and cooked separately and don't contain seasoning or spice.

You could also add peas, carrots, and corn removed from the cob. Avoid giving them any human treats, even sugar-free candies. Many are made with an artificial sweetener called Xylitol, which is also toxic to dogs. It can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure and even kidney failure.

What can I give my cat on Thanksgiving?    

Plainly cooked turkey meat is a delicious thanksgiving treat for cats.  Carrots, baked squash, and plain mash potatoes are also OK. Once again, any after-dinner treats should come from the pet store. But kitties who've been really good can lick a bit of ice-cream from your finger!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

There's more to thanksgiving safety tips than food. Another thing to consider is any floral arrangement. Some people decorate their homes with flowers on the holidays. Unfortunately, many household plants are poisonous to pets, including daffodil and lilies. So skip the flowers this year or make sure they're out of paws reach at all times. 

Take extra care securing your home. Guests might not be used to shutting windows or doors to stop pets escaping. And keep any guest's belongings in a safe place. Our pets are curious creatures. You don't want them rummaging through aunties' purse looking for something to chew or, even worse, a place to leave her a special thanksgiving 'gift.'

Please take a few extra precautions, follow our Thanksgiving safety tips, and have a very happy holiday season!

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