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It's an extremely bad idea to make your dog vomit.

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Should you make your dog vomit in an emergency?

By Dr Hester Mulhall MA, VetMB, MRCVS Veterinarian

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If you need to make your dog vomit, there's really only one way to do this: get them to the vet.

Please do not give your dog anything to make them vomit. If your dog has eaten something untoward, contact your vet immediately. The vet will give you advice about whether what your dog has eaten is toxic or not, and when to see a vet.

If you need to take your dog to the vet, make a note of the time that they ate the substance (if you know) and take any packaging with you. Your vet will give your pet a full health check and may induce vomiting at the practice using a drug called apomorphine. This will depend on how much time has passed, as it is unlikely that the substance will still be in the stomach much longer than four hours after ingestion. Some toxins are particularly damaging to the oesophagus and for these, inducing vomiting is not recommended.

Other veterinary treatments can include feeding a solution of activated charcoal, or admitting to hospital for fluids and care.

If your dog has eaten an object such as a toy or a pebble, they will need investigations to check for signs of obstruction. Surgery is almost always necessary.

How do you induce vomiting in a puppy?

Never induce vomiting in a puppy. Puppies become very easily dehydrated. As such, it is very important that they receive appropriate veterinary care in a situation like this.

How long will my dog vomit after hydrogen peroxide?

There is some advice floating around on the internet about treating your own dog with hydrogen peroxide to force them to vomit. Please do not follow this. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach and, as such, can be very toxic. It will cause irritation to the lining of the stomach, as well as to the mouth and oesophagus. This can cause gastritis, severe inflammation, ulceration and bleeding. There are much safer alternatives that can be administered by a veterinarian.

What happens if a dog doesn't throw up from hydrogen peroxide?

If you have given your dog hydrogen peroxide, contact a vet immediately, especially if they have not thrown this up. It can cause severe inflammation to their gastrointestinal tract and have long-lasting affects. They will need treatment with stomach protectants to help minimise damage.

Can hydrogen peroxide kill a dog?

Yes it can, because it can lead to fatal bleeding from a stomach ulcer. It can also, in rare cases, lead to a gas bubble in their blood circulation, which can lodge in the brain.

How do I make my dog throw up without peroxide?

Contact the local veterinary practice for an appointment. It is the only safe and recommended way to do this.

How do I make my dog vomit with salt water?

Do not give your dog salt water to drink. The reason for this is that this can lead to very severe dehydration, seizures, brain damage, kidney damage and even death

How do I make my dog vomit with baking soda?

Do not use baking soda or any other home treatments to induce vomiting in your pet.

How do you induce vomiting in dogs after eating grapes?

Grapes are toxic to dogs, but you should not try to induce vomiting yourself. Contact a vet to discuss whether an appointment is necessary. If your dog has only eaten one or two grapes, this is very unlikely to cause a problem. Having said that, the number of grapes it takes to have a toxic affect will vary between individuals, particularly depending on body size.

Can salt water make a dog throw up?

Yes, it can. This is because salt water affects the electrolyte balance in your dog and can cause them to vomit. But it can also cause a range of more serious effects and therefore must not be given under any circumstances.

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