Shocking video of Merseyside dog groomer goes viral
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CCTV reveals dog groomer's appalling behaviour (video)

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A shocking video of a dog groomer in Merseyside holding an innocent dog by the scruff of its neck as it squirms in pain, has gone viral across social media.

When you pay for your pooch to go to the local dog groomers, what do you expect? A high-quality service, wonderful, animal-loving staff, and most importantly, gentle and safe handling of your dog. But the exact opposite seems to have happened in this appalling video.

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It was (p)awful service

In the video, a dog groomer from Debonair Dogs Canine Grooming Salon in Merseyside appears to pick up a dog and dangle it (quite literally) by the scruff of its neck in the air.

As she dangles the poor pooch, she stares at it and appears to poke it in the ribs several times. Each time she does so, the dog wriggles, clearly extremely distressed and uncomfortable.

While it seems the dog escaped unharmed, that sort of treatment definitely isn’t what you expect from a professional dog grooming service.

The woman has been fired

According to The Daily Mail, the dog salon released a statement claiming that the woman in question no longer worked at their salon. We’re very happy to hear this news - after all, no one wants their pet to be handled in such an unprofessional way!

The statement, which appeared on their Facebook page, said:

"As a recent video has come to light I would like to reassure all of our customers that the girl involved no longer works under our employment and has left to start her own business."

"I can assure you that all the Debonair Dogs team are huge animal lovers and we love nothing more than providing you and your pooches with the best care."

"We really hope to continue pampering your pooches and maintaining a caring environment for them. Thanks, Debonair Dogs team.'

But the internet still isn’t happy

According to The Daily Mail, comments are still flooding in about the video.

Sue Earnshaw said: "How awful. Nasty woman. Hope this is seen everywhere."

Matt Sumner wrote: "You never pick up a dog like this, it's disgusting. If the dog is a nipper, it's for the owners and the business to discuss and then use a muzzle. Not this."

However, there were some who defended the lady in the video. One of which was Nicola Leanne Sayers, who said: 'I think she was literally just trying to get hold of the dog without getting bitten. I don't see her shaking the dog at all.'

You can find the video below. Where do you stand with it? Was this merely self-defence or a cruel and unprofessional handling of an innocent pooch? We'd love to know your opinions - let us know in the Facebook comments!

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