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CCTV captures moment thief tries to get away, but dog is much too fast for him

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A black Labrador known for his nervous demeanour has ‘dogged up’ to frighten off a doorstep package thief in Utah, USA.

Nine-year-old Zero, a good boy, is “scared of almost everything,” his human companion, Whitney King Cahoon told The Dodo. But he tossed his fears to the wind when he spied the crook hot-footing it down the garden path with a freshly-delivered $4 dollar dimmer switch.

The lights are off but Zero is home

The Calhoon family desperately needed a dimmer switch to modulate the brightness of their domestic interior. But one local crook had different ideas.

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As security footage shows, the thief jogged up the front garden path to the parcel from the Calhoon’s porch, checking over his shoulders all the way. In the video, the switch snatcher pelts it back down the path with the parcel just as a car pulls up for him to jump in to – suggesting that this was a pre-meditated crime, perhaps the latest in an ongoing series of thefts.

It’s also possible the thief had inside knowledge about the contents of the package and swiped it ‘to order’ for his own home décor project.

The car did not stop moving as the thief jumped in. But he could not get the door closed before Zero galloped right down the path after him, barking all the way. Apparently unnerved, the crook tossed the parcel from the car as he made his escape.

All in a day’s bork

Astonishingly, despite leaving his personal safety zone to make a rare outing as a guard dog, Zero kept his cool, trotting calmly back to the garden after his efforts and re-marking his territory using traditional dog methods.

Meanwhile, locals are hoping the crooks have learned their lesson from the vigilant Labrador.

“I didn’t expect him to go after them, but I am proud of him for scaring them off,” Cahoon concludes. “He earned his keep.”

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