Rescue Pit Bull Mo with his owner
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Rescue Pitbull finds his forever home, then reveals his hilarious talent (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Kristen found Mo wandering the streets of Phoenix, she knew she had to help him. But she never expected he would have such an adorable, secret talent. 

The day started out much like any other for Kristin, until she spotted an abandoned Pitbull in need of help. 

She decided to take him home to her studio apartment, where he quickly revealed his loving, funny personality. 

The pair bonded instantly, but Kristin knew that she couldn't adopt Mo without trying to find his family. 

A beautiful friendship

After three days at the local shelter, it became clear to everyone involved that nobody was coming to collect the poor pup. 

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Thankfully, he had a guardian angel just waiting to take him home. 

Mo and Kristin became firm friends, supporting each other through life's challenges. And the loveable pup certainly knew how to keep his human on her toes, revealing a talent that left her in stitches. 

Surprising secrets

Kirstin quickly realised that Mo's surprising scream was a sign of happiness and joy. It seemed to pop out at the most unexpected of times... In the car, on walks and when he got to greet a familiar friend. 

Mo was over the moon with his new life, and he just needed everyone to know it! 

The former stray now has over 140,000 followers on Instagram, and he spends his days spreading smiles and playing with his furry sister. 

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