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Adorable cat has sweetest way of asking for more strokes from her human (video)

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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A needy rescue cat can't get enough love and attention from the human who saved her. And she has the cutest way ever of 'requesting' another few strokes.

Niu Niu is everything that people say cats aren't. She doesn't like her own space, needs to be around people all the time, and always (and we mean really always) wants more strokes and affection. 

Can I have just one more stroke?

She can never get enough petting from her cat dad. And if he's not giving her (all) the attention she wants and deserves, then Niu Niu tells Dad about it. 

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The tiny tortoiseshell shell cat creeps up beside Dad and gently pulls on his arm with her paw. And the message is very, very clear: "Please, Dad, do you have a few moments to spare for a quick pet?"

Her other tactics for getting more affection include staring up at Dad with her kitty eyes. They're so adorable. And you don't have to speak fluent cat to understand what Niu Niu wants!

At other times, she goes straight to the source by flopping her body and head against Dad and then nuzzling against him. Super cute!

A video of Niu Niu's demanding (but very adorable ways) appeared on Facebook, where it picked up thousands of views and hundreds of comments within a few days. 

"That's true love," posted one viewer. "You, sir, are so blessed to have such a beautiful soul in your life."

"Awwwhhh, that little face, the look in her eyes; she's in love. Everytime she reaches out to him, she's saying 'don't never let meow go," wrote another viewer.

He saved her, now she loves him.

It makes sense that Niu Niu can't bear to be apart from her number one human. The kind soul found Niu Niu as a kitten. She was all alone, covered in sores and scratches, and living in an abandoned car park in the middle of winter.

He scooped her up in his arms, carried her home, and spent weeks treating her wounds and feeding her up nicely. Now, Niu Niu is paying him back with the kind of unconditional love that only animals can give us. Truly beautiful.

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