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Do cats get attached to their owners?

Owner with ca giving a kiss advice

Can a get get attached to its owner?

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We love our cats, but we've all looked at them at least once and thought, 'Does that guy even like me?' After all, felines have a reputation for being distant, aloof, and many even a little arrogant.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 14/12/2019, 17:00

So are cats attached to owners or do they see us as nothing more than a giant treat dispenser? Do they only snuggle us to get something in return or is there a well of love and affection hiding underneath that icy exterior? Let's find out!

Do cats actually love their owners?

Love is a complex emotion. It's something we all feel, and yet it's something that we find really difficult to explain. But, broadly speaking, love is a combination of intense feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person, animal, or even just an idea.

Cat getting a rub from its owner
Does my cat love me? ©Unsplash

Do cats like their owners?

So while we'll never really know if kitties can 'love,' we can assume that the attachment to their owners shows that cats have an emotional connection to humans. We can see this in the way they express and receive affection, and in how they react when they favourite humans go away.  

Do cats miss their owner if the owner gives them away?

There are many cases where cats showed signs of heartbreak. Lonely cats can lose their appetite, go into hiding, or spend hours meowing by the front door as they wait for their owners to come home! There are even some instance of cats sinking into severe depressions if their owner gives them anyway to someone else. 

Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs? 

They might not bond with their owners in the same way as dogs, but cats still get emotionally attached to people. They're just a lot more subtle in the way they reveal their feelings.

Little kitten in owner's hand
Look at this cutie! ©Unsplash

What are examples of cats showing care for their humans? 

Purring, rubbing their cheeks against you, and even licking you are all positive signs of affection. Remember, cats are cool customers. They don't do public displays of affection. They're far too sophisticated for that! Dogs shout 'I love you,' but a kitty prefers to whisper those three magic words!

Do cats have a bond with their owner like dogs? 

Cats form strong bonds with their owners, and now we've got the science to prove it! Previous research hinted at the feline/human connection, but more recent studies at the University of Oregon have revealed it runs much deeper than we thought.

Published in the journal Current Biology, one study looked at two different styles of emotional connection (secure attachment and insecure attachment) in 70 kittens and 38 adult cats.

As part of the study, kittens spent two minutes with their caregiver, followed by two minutes alone. They were then reunited for two minutes. The study shows that cats with secure attachments displayed fewer stress indicators after being reunited with their owners. Around 35% of the cats remained stressed, proving that the majority of cats get a large amount of emotional and physical comfort from just being around their primary caregivers.

Thy experiment was also replicated with dogs and children. Scientists found a similar distribution in the secure and insecure attachments with children and a slight increase in insecure attachments when it came to dogs. In other words, the bond between cats and humans resemble the relationship between a parent and child. So no wonder we call them our fur babies.

Cats are independent creatures who will always need some alone time. But while they may not show it all the time, it turns out they love us (or at least like us) almost as much as we love them. So the next time your kitty seems a bit aloof, don't worry. They'll be back for some more chin strokes and cuddles as soon as they start missing you. After all, you're their favourite human!


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