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8 signs that prove your cat loves you

By Emilie Heyl Content Writer

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We often joke that cats are insensitive creatures that dream of taking over the world… but that is not (always) true! Cats are capable of love… and they’re very good at displaying it. 

Here are 8 signs your cat loves you: 

1. He rubs himself against you 

When your furry friend rubs himself against your legs and head butts you, he is leaving behind his scent, or to be exact, his pheromones. It is a way of using smells to mark things that are dear to him. These are signs that he likes you and that he feels safe and comfortable around you. 

2. He purrs 

One of the most obvious signs your cat loves you is purring. Purring is a giveaway! A cat’s purr lowers their heart rate and allows them to relax. It is undeniably a proof of well-being and affection towards the cat owner.

3. He shows you his tummy 

When a cat rolls onto his back and shows you is tummy, it is a sign of trust. In this position he feels safe.

4. He sleeps against you  

You should be honoured by this! Because if your cat goes to sleep against you or on your knees, it is because he loves and trusts you entirely. 

5. The tip of his tail contracts

The cat’s tail can tell a lot about the way your furry friend is feeling. Cats have many ways of moving their tails, and each of them has a meaning. When he straightens it upwards, he feels happy. If he does so by seeing you or rubbing against you, he’s showing you his affection.

6. He licks you 

People often say that when a dog licks his master he’s saying he loves him. It’s the same with cats, it is a sign of love.

7. He kneads you 

Does your cat knead you with his paws, seemingly giving you a massage? This is something kittens do when suckling to get milk from their mothers. This gesture, essential for the survival of the kitten is, as an adult, a sign of well-being. An adult cat "massages" that which reminds him of his mum. If your cat kneads your thighs, for example, it's because he likes you and enjoys being with you. 

8. He brings you presents 

Does your cat bring you a bird or a mouse he’s just caught? Don’t punish him! To him, hunting is an instinct, and bringing you his prey is a sign of affection. He probably expects you to be proud of him…

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    Anonymous user
    We have four home based cats in our small, 26 homes street.
    The walk around the gardens as if they are the local guards. Sometimes close friendly.
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