Elderly dog found abandoned: Rescuers read note on collar and their hearts break

Abandoned dog and note dog-serious © Richmond Animal Care and Control - Facebook

When rescue workers find a dog abandoned on the street, a heartbreaking note attached to its collar reveals why the dog has been left there all alone.

By Zoë Monk

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When Oreo, an elderly Schnauzer-Poodle mix, was found alone on a street corner, the poor pup was extremely dehydrated and very close to heatstroke.

Heartbreaking note

The dog had been tied up in the sun for some time when rescuers from Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia, America, came to his aid. At first, Oreo's rescuers didn't know how the dog had come to be there. Then they spotted a note stuck to his collar:

"My name is Oreo. I'm over 10 years old. I have anxiety. My owner died. I'm really good. I need a home."

The rescue team swiftly took Oreo for a thorough checkup at the vet, and it was soon discovered that the elderly pup could hardly hear or see. 

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Happy ever after

While he was being cared for, one of the rescue workers took to Facebook to share Oreo's story in the hope of finding him a new and loving home. But they knew that they might struggle to find someone to love him because of his age.

But to everyone's surprise, it took just three days for Oreo to find a new home. After spotting the Facebook post, someone contacted the charity and offered the senior dog a home where he can happily live out the rest of his life. 

Oreo now spends his days loving life and playing with his owner's other dog in their five-acre garden.

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