white dog pitbull and owners in home depot store

Should dogs be allowed in shops?

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Video sparks furious debate over whether dogs should be allowed in shops

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Dog fights happen occasionally, but its rare to see them take place in a public store, and with such a high level of emotions!

Shoppers at a Home Depot got a big scare when they started to hear shouting in the aisles.

Dog fight at Home Depot

According to a video posted on TikTok, the shouting was due to a dog fight that scared the owners. 

Related video:

Two older women could be seen picking up a small white dog who had seemingly been bitten, as he was bleeding on one side of his head. The women were clearly distraught, as they screamed "Oh my God!" and "Get the dog’s name!" at the top of their lungs. The other dog in question was a large pitbull-type dog, but the animal was restrained by his owner with a lead.

Taking sides

The video has sparked a lot of debate online. While it’s understandable that the women would be in a state of shock seeing their dog being injured, many people pointed out that the pitbull was on a lead while the small dog was off-lead. For all we know, the small dog might’ve gotten out of his collar/harness, attacked first, and the large dog simply defended himself. The video has also sparked debate about dogs being allowed in stores. If they hadn’t been there in the first place, this could’ve been avoided, right?

While it’s hard to know what happened exactly, it looks like the little white dog is fine, and there was more fear than anything else…We hope all ends well for all parties involved here.

Here's the video everyone's talking about:

What do you think about the situation?

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