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8 White dog breeds

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How fantastic to own a pet from the all-white dog breeds group. These magnificent dogs are certainly quite special, especially if a pure, white colour.

 A White dog Breed - Must Be Mostly White

We included on our suggestion’s list the breeds that give the visual effect of a white dog. Certainly, it’s difficult to include only the very small minority of canines that are total pure white. Some dogs might have small spots, stripes or patches of another colour with a mainly white coat. Given this benchmark, the following 8 large white dog breeds signify some of the most gorgeous, attractive dogs available.

#1 West Highland Terrier

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The Westie, a dynamic and lively terrier, has a strong, bossy personality. This very popular, loyal and happy character is fairly easy to maintain. Although his coat isn’t a brilliant white, but more of a light sandy shade, he still fits into the classification of a white dog breed. Health conditions to affect this breed include patellar luxation and cardiac disease.

#2 Bichon Frise

The cute Bichon frise© Pixabay

This hypoallergenic dog certainly fits into the white fluffy breeds category. These gorgeous downy pets are both gentle-mannered and cheerful. Weighing at less than 12 pounds, they fit into the miniature dog grouping.

#3 Poodle

White Poodle© Pixabay

This very intelligent, white dog breed is very popular as a companion pet. However, although they are relatively easy to train, some dogs can be quite stubborn too. In order to keep their splendid white coats in first-class condition, regular grooming is necessary. This is often carried out at specific grooming parlours who are equipped to deal with the Poodle’s curly coat. Poodles are bred in 3 different sizes: the Miniature, the Toy and the Standard Poodle. The latter is quite a big dog, standing at an average of 21 inches all to the shoulder. An adult male dog will weigh between 50 to 75 pounds.

#4 Pomeranian

Pomeranian breed© Pixabay

These tiny dogs can weigh less than 7 pounds, but they are so adorable and cute. Even though they are so small, they are surprisingly agile too. These dogs are generally quite healthy, however slipping kneecap (luxating patella) is a common issue. Heart conditions, trachea and thyroid problems may also affect the Pomeranian.

#5 Samoyed

Samoyed dog - sometimes quite stubborn© Pixabay

With an amazing, brilliant white coat, the Samoyed certainly fits into this category of white dog breeds. They are probably very independent pets, although known to be quite stubborn sometimes. With their ancestors from Siberia, these dogs certainly adapt quite well to our colder climate. Their ultra-dense, luxurious coats do shed hair quite a lot. Consequently, you will be forever cleaning their white fluff from your clothes and furniture. To keep their long hair well groomed, brushing is a necessity.

#6 Whippet

The whippet makes a loyal pet© Pixabay

This sporty, short-haired greyhound is the most popular in the UK. Although it seems like they are quite timid, they adore their owner and prove to be very loyal pets. Although coat colours do vary from black, brown or grey, the white Whippet is a splendid creature.

#7 Jack Russell Terrier

White Jack Russell© Livia Lumbroso

First of all, a pure white Jack Russell Terrier is a rare sight, as most have some patches or leg stains of a different colour. They do still fit into the category of white dog breeds though, even with these markings. These cheeky and fun-loving dogs make fantastic pets, however, some dogs can be quite a challenge to train.

#8 Afghan Hound

The stunning white Afghan Hound© Arve.kern, Unsplash

The glamorous, silky coat of the Afghan, appears in various colours, including white. This slender, tall dog has a unique appearance, almost model-like. He is one of the large, white, dog breeds that were more popular during the late 1900’s.  It seems like these dogs are quite comical and sometimes silly but even so, how can you not love them? Regular grooming and a weekly bath help to keep his beautiful coat in a shiny and healthy condition. The Afghan dog is one of the oldest groups of canines worldwide. First bred in Afghanistan where they were used for hunting in the mountains and deserts. Their agility makes them natural-born runners, capable of achieving high speeds.

Caring for your white dog

So, first of all, you’ve made the decision to choose a white dog and although the colour may seem rather an insignificant matter, it certainly means a difference to the owner.

Smooth or Fluffy White coated dog breeds

The length of your dog’s coat is quite significant in your white-haired pet. A long-haired dog will certainly need frequent grooming, bathing and related housework chores. These dogs shed their fur quote profusely so if you suffer allergic reactions to dog hair, this needs to be considered too. A fluffy, pure white dog is also going to hit your budget harder with regular grooming appointments, specific shampoos, not to mention your time too. A pet with a white coat will almost always need a wash or bath after a muddy gallop in the woods.

Of course, one of the disadvantages of owning a brilliant white, fluffy dog is the upkeep needed. Small, white dog breeds that live indoors for most of the time shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. However, if your pet is a larger white canine, be geared up to spend more money and your time keeping him in pristine, snowy-white condition.

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