Owner asks her dog to choose between two treats: He turns around and stuns viewers

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It’s not always easy communicating with a dog. But this little guy named Kenny really knows how talk to his mum.

By Justine Seraphin

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On TikTok, Kenny is also known as 'The Talking Dog'. Yep, Kenny can really talk! He uses a board with buttons to communicate with his owners. 

Using buttons to speak

In a recent video which went viral, Kenny could be seen asking for treats. At first, his mum asks him whether he wants treats or food. Kenny doesn’t waste a single second and runs to his sound board to click on the word "Treat".

He quickly returns to his mum for his reward, but unfortunately is asked to go back again. His mum says: "Treat? Kenny, you know how to do sentences! Show me again!" So off Kenny goes again. And this time, he hits two buttons to form a full sentence: "Kenny want treat." His mum then gives him his well-deserved treat!

Using sound boards with dogs

These sound boards have been popping up more and more around the world and facilitating owner - dog communication. Owners are recommended to start early with their puppies and to always use positive reinforcement

You do need to have a very smart dog though, we’re not sure every dog would know how to use it!

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