Mum looks for baby's dummy in the middle of the night: she’s in shock when she sees what's on the stairs

CCTV filming stairs dog-wow

That night no one went back to bed...

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Jack and Emily live in Philadelphia (USA) with their daughter Johanna. When she was a newborn, something happened in the middle of the night that changed their lives forever.

By Emilie Heyl

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This event happened in October 2020 in a residential area of Philadelphia. Emily got up in the middle of the night to get her baby's dummy, who was crying.

When she left her bedroom to go to the baby's room, she noticed a presence in the dark. Sitting on the stairs of the house, she saw the shadow of a dog. But what was strange about this is that the family didn't have a dog… So where does this dog come from?


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A lucky mistake for the animal

She turned on the lights and, completely surprised, looked at the dog. The animal was very thin, almost to the bones. It was frightened and seemed to be shivering with cold. 

The first thing the woman did, worried, was to check the security camera. And thanks to the footage, she realised that the door of the house had not been locked properly.


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The dog was old and abandoned

Evidently, no one slept that night. Emily and Jack decided to take care of the dog and, the next morning, they took her to the vet for a check-up. There they were informed that the dog was a senior dog, so her chances of being adopted from a shelter were very slim.

So the couple decided to take the dog home again and keep her. They named her Suzy and she lived very happily the remaining years in a home where she arrived by chance and whose hearts she immediately conquered. 

And yes, that's how this story ends - in the best possible way!


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