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Cat's heartwarming goodbye to owner at funeral touches everyone's heart

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Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things in life. That's why the way this cat reacted to seeing her owner at her funeral has moved the world.

Some people say that only dogs are loyal and love their owners. But if this story teaches us anything, cats love their owners just as deeply.

A terrible loss

A couple of weeks ago, a young man named Chris posted a photo of a cat attending a funeral.

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He explained that his grandmother had passed away at age 90. The cat was, in fact, hers, and she hadn’t seen her owner ever since she’d been admitted to the hospital a few weeks prior. Knowing their bond to be strong, the grandmother’s family decided to let the cat attend the funeral. 

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Saying goodbye

In Chris's photo, the cat can be seen looking inside the casket and realising that her beloved owner is inside. In a subsequent photo, the cat can be seen sitting on top of the casket and looking up to the sky as if saying a silent final farewell to her beloved owner.

We are sure the lovely cat will be well cared for by her owner’s family, and we wish them all the best in this difficult time. 

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