Man jumps into action when he sees there are still passengers aboard sinking boat

brown dog trying to stay on sinking boat dog-angry © Daily Mail Animals - Facebook

Dogs depend completely on their owners for care and safety. So how could a dog owner leave his dogs on a boat unattended? The poor things could've met a tragic fate.

By Justine Seraphin

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Last week, Nick Calitri jumped into action when he saw a neighbour’s boat sinking off Chadwick Fishing Pier.

Dog stuck on sinking boat

Indeed, while there were no people on board, there were still two dogs stuck on the sinking boat! One of them could be seen struggling to keep his head above water, trying to climb back up on the slanted deck. The other was stuck inside the cabin. 

Nick and another neighbour approached the boat with their motor boats, picked up the dogs, and brought them back to shore. 

Dog saved from sinking boat

This dog is going down with a sinking boat and needs a hero fast! 😰 via ViralHog

Posted by Daily Mail Animals on Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Owners need to do better

It’s unclear whether the boat had already started to sink when the dogs were left on their own - but either way, dogs should never be left alone on a boat. Plus, this is sadly not the first time something like this has happened. Nick had to rescue the two very same dogs in November 2021.

We hope that those who took part in the rescue did the responsible thing and warned the authorities. These dogs deserve to have owners who will watch out for their safety at all times.

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