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Two 'ugly' dogs showcase their true character and defy expectations

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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All dogs are beautiful, right? Even with deformities? Picasso and Newt certainly are different from other dogs, but they’re just as deserving of love.

Picasso and Newt are two very special dogs. 

Rough starts

Picasso was born with a facial deformity, which makes his face look almost twisted. The shelter he was with before feared that, due to his appearance, he would never find a loving home. Yet, in 2017, Lisel Wilhard, founder of the Lovable Dog rescue, took him in. 

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Four years later, Newt joined the family. Newt was sadly bitten by his mother when he was very young. Because of this incident, his entire upper jaw was ripped off, leaving him with nothing but an opening where his snout used to be. But that didn’t matter to Lisel. She thinks both of her dogs are beautiful, inside and out.

Beauty is found within

Newt and Picasso bonded very quickly, perhaps because of their similarities! According to Lisel, the dogs don’t know they’re different to other dogs. They love to play, eat, take walks, and wreak havoc just like any other pup would. Most importantly, they’re not in any pain.

Both dogs are extremely sociable and confident. In fact, when they go on walks, they’re eager to go and meet every stranger who crosses their path. Unfortunately, many people are initially startled by their appearance. 

But that’s okay. In addition to their loving owner, Newt and Picasso also have 700,000 followers on TikTok, who are all in awe of their inspiring story!

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