Owner films dog while out: When she watches the footage, she is heartbroken

black labrador lying down next to front door dog-sad © sundaetheblacklab - TikTok

We never want to leave our dogs home alone. But sometimes, we just have to. Best not to know what happens in our absence though, as this owner has discovered.

By Justine Seraphin

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We’ve all wondered what our dogs get up to when we’re gone. Well, Sundae’s owner decided to find out.

Camera clears up mystery about what dogs do home alone

She set up a camera and left the house to see what her black Lab would do. She assumed Sundae would just continue to sleep on her owner’s bed, just as she was when she left. But when Sundae’s owner returned and watched the film, she was left completely heartbroken.

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Indeed, the film showed Sundae getting up from the bed and instead, setting up camp right behind the front door. All day, she stayed put behind the door, just waiting for her beloved owner to return.


I’m never leaving her alone again 🥺

♬ Home - Edith Whiskers

New resolutions

After watching the heart-breaking video, Sundae’s owner decided that she would try to take Sundae with her as much as possible now. She just can’t bear to think that her dog feels so sad in her absence.

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