Dog thrown out of car and chases after it
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Horrifying moment dog is tossed out of car and frantically chases after it (video)

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A food delivery driver in Long Beach, California, got the shock of their life when they saw a dog thrown out of a car and left on the road.

The delivery driver watched on in horror as the Bull Terrier mix was thrown out of the Lexus like rubbish before the car sped off with the dog trying to chase after it.

Abandoned on the road

Frustratingly, the black car had no license plate, which made it hard to trace. However, the quick-thinking delivery driver recorded the whole incident, saying, 'The owner is literally leaving him… look! Oh my God.'

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The video was quickly circulated and came to the attention of Destiny Gomez, who rehomes stray animals. The video left her heartbroken and she couldn't stop thinking about the poor dog. Destiny messaged the delivery driver to see if she could find out more information.

Heartbreakingly, Destiny learned that the dog had been trying to keep up with the car for some time. She shared the video on Instagram and urged her animal-loving followers to help her track down the poor pup.

She soon received a potential sighting of the dog and several tip-offs from online amateur sleuths keen to help.

Happy ending for Chico

Destiny's boyfriend tracked down the neighbourhood where the dog was abandoned and a few hours later, he finally found the dog.

After a hearty meal and some much-needed grooming, Destiny found the dog whom she'd named Chico, a local foster family.

Destiny is now on a mission to find Chico the perfect forever home. While she's received numerous offers from well-meaning dog lovers to adopt him, Destiny is keen to find a permanent home through a reputable rescue shelter.

Here's the heartwrenching video:

Hopefully, Chico won't have too long to wait.

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