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Lost dog returned to owners at 3AM: Doorbell footage reveals what really happened

doorbell camera black and white footage dog-wow © Inside Edition - YouTube

When a dog escapes your home, it can be really frightening. Who knows if they’ll find their way home, or if anything will happen to them while they’re on the loose?

By Justine Seraphin

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Last summer, an American couple lost their dog after she got spooked by 4th of July fireworks and ran away.

Lost dog mysteriously returns in the middle of the night

Usually, Rajah would come back when called, but not this time. Her owners looked everywhere for her, but hours passed, and she was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the couple was startled when they heard their doorbell ring. They rushed downstairs and realised Rajah had come home! They were ecstatic, and decided to watch the security footage the next morning to find out which kind soul had brought rambunctious Rajah back.

Smart dog rings doorbell

But when they did, their jaws DROPPED. They realised that no-one had brought Rajah back, she had come back all by herself! Indeed, she stood at the front door, booped the doorbell with her nose, and waited for someone to answer. 

Not only was Rajah able to find her way home, but she also knew to use the doorbell to get her pawrents’ attention. That is one smart dog!

All the best Rajah, stay safe!

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