Vet wants to put puppy to sleep, but puppy insists he's a survivor

white boxer with deformed front limbs dog-happy © Nubby Bowlin - Facebook

Sometimes, euthanasia seems like the best option for animals who are suffering. But when there is no suffering and a will to live, it can be avoided…

By Justine Seraphin

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A few years ago, a white Boxer was born with underdeveloped front limbs.

Because of his deformity, the puppy struggled to walk and play with his siblings. The vet recommended that he be put down for his own sake.

Couple decide to save Boxer puppy

However, a couple who often rescue pets heard about the little Boxer and knew they had to help. When they met him, they realised he had such a strong will to live and deserved to have a normal life just like any other dog. 



Posted by Nubby Bowlin on Monday, February 6, 2017

The couple knew Nubby, as he was affectionately named, probably wouldn’t live long. But the adorable pooch surprised them all by growing bigger and stronger every day. 

Nubby inspires people everywhere

Over the last few years, Nubby has had several sets of wheels that help him get around when he’s outside. Inside, he likes to stay on soft surfaces, but he’s probably one of the family’s most energetic and playful pups regardless.

Nubby is seen as a true inspiration by his family. He shows everyone around him that being different is a strength, not a weakness.


Whaaat... nope no need to check on us, we ain’t doing nothing. Why are you so noisy, always in our biz? Why?...

Posted by Nubby Bowlin on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

You go, Nubby!

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