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According to science, here are the most beautiful cat breeds in the world

Norwegian cat cat-wow © AnnaPh - Shutterstock

Beauty is very subjective. However, science has found a mathematical measure that allows beauty to be classified. Find out which cat breeds are the most beautiful.

By Emilie Heyl

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Cats have a very special place in our hearts! Kittens are extremely cute, without exception, and then when they grow up, their physique evolves, which does not make them any less cute.

The TICA currently recognises 73 cat breeds 46 breeds of cat in the world. Between the long-haired cats and the ones without any hair at all (Yes, talking about you the Sphynx), the slender-bodied cats and the ones that are a bit chubby, there are many different ones.

Obviously, as to who is the most beautiful, this is a very subjective question as the definition of beauty is unique to everyone. So on what criteria do we calculate beauty? And can we measure it mathematically?

The most beautiful cat in the world is...

Science has naturally looked into this question by creating what is known as the golden ratio. This is a mathematical formula that is a proportion, initially defined in geometry as the unique ratio between two lengths. That is, it measures the physical symmetry of an element and this golden ratio approximates to Phi, or 1.62.

It was this calculation that confirmed Robert Pattinson to be the most beautiful man in the world, Bella Hadid the most beautiful woman in the world and the Dalmatian the most beautiful dog.

So what about cats? Which breed of cat comes closest to this golden number? There are three to share the title of most beautiful cat in the world: the Norwegian (1.65), the Russian Blue (1.65) and the Manx (1.59).

Next are the Ragamuffin (1.67), the Siberian (1.55), the American Curl (1.56), the Selkirk Rex (1.69), the Siamese (1.55), the Maine Coon (1.71) and the Egyptian Mau (1.72).

At the bottom of the list are the Persian, the Peterbald and the Himalayan.

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