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  1. Could a Golden Retriever be happy in a flat?

    Any dog ​​is possible in an apartment after you have to take into account your way of life and not leave your dog alone for 8 hours. If it is a puppy you must remember that he has1

  2. How to get my dog to accept a new puppy?

    Hello, Is your dog sociable? You can try to see his reactions with other dogs and people you know, let them play together etc. When you have your puppy, it's best if they meet1

  3. HELP! My dog ​​ate a dead rat, is it dangerous?

    It is important that you go and see your vet urgently. Indeed, it is possible that the rat was killed by anti-coagulants, which can consequently poison your dog. It is essential t1

  4. How can I encourage my dog to eat more?

    Hi njames,  Your dog is clearly a fan of cheese! Why don't you turn the treats you give to him into small pieces of cheese, but this would be a treat, not his meal.1

  5. Why does my dog like to lick my ear?

    Hi! I'm not sure what this means but my 10 year-old Golden loves to lick my ears too! They're so weird. Gotta love them!

  6. Out of curiosity: What's your favourite dog breed?

    It comes with no surprise haha, but my favourite breed is the Golden Retriever

  7. We want to know more about you! Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    I'm a dog person and I'm also a Golden Retriever lover

  8. Does my dog like to be stroked and kissed?

    My dog is my baby too! I like to think he doesn't mind all the attention, but I suppose it depends on the dog. 

  9. What can you wash your cat with if you don't have a "special cat" shampoo?

    Humans have their products and animals have theirs.

  10. My dog winks at me why's that? Is this a sign of trust?

    Does she do it with one eye or both?