Watch: Boy receives special gift from the beyond the grave

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Do you remember getting your first puppy? Wasn’t it the best day in the world? It certainly was for Logan Kavaluskis, especially when he found out who the puppy was from.

By Justine Seraphin

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Logan Kavaluskis tragically lost his father 5 days before his 13th birthday. 

His father, Joe, had battled with cancer for 9 years before he passed away at age 47. But before he died, he prepared a very special surprise for his son.

A beautiful surprise

Logan had always wanted a puppy, but since his dad was allergic, they were never able to have one in the house. So Logan’s dad decided getting his son a puppy after he passed away would be the perfect way to help Logan deal with his grief.

Just 5 days after Joe’s death, Logan’s cousin told Logan he was getting himself a puppy and asked Logan if he wanted to come with. Logan, his mum, and his cousin hit the road – Logan still completely oblivious to the fact that he was on his way to pick up his OWN puppy.

Dad gets a Boston Terrier puppy for his son

But when they arrived and finally picked up the little Boston Terrier, Logan’s cousin placed the pup in Logan’s lap and said:

“That’s from your Dad. That’s your dog. He’s yours. Dad wanted you to have a puppy.”

Logan can’t help but break into heavy tears when he realises the puppy he’s holding is his new best friend and from his beloved Dad…

We hope this beautiful pup will help Logan and his family deal with their terrible grief.

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