Watch: Woman enters the kitchen and finds her dog washing the dishes

Dog in the kitchen dog-happy © RM Videos - Youtube

With a little dog like this, you'll never complain again that no one helps in the house... A woman arrived and found her dog in the middle of his chores, and the animal’s reaction was unbelievable!

By Emilie Heyl

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Although it's common for dogs to get into the kitchen, it's often not with the best of intentions. Well yes, let’s admit it, what’s the most interesting thing a dog can find in a kitchen? Food of course!


And that's exactly what happened to this woman, who walked in and the first thing she saw was her dog's back sticking out from behind the fridge. She must have thought: “Bingo, caught red-handed!”

"I wasn't doing anything, I’m innocent…”

In the video, which has over thirty thousand views, an adorable dog - who looks like a Weimaraner - can be seen standing on his hind legs and doing "something" in the sink.

His human, astonished, looks at him and asks:

Excuse me? Are you washing the dishes? -I hope so!”

The dog turns around and does the funniest thing: he walks away from the sink, still on his two legs!

And with a guilty look on his face as if he’d been caught doing something wrong.... Who knows what he was sticking his paws in the sink!

Take a look at the video and I'm sure you'll want to watch it again at least a couple of times. It’s so funny!

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