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Thief attempts to rob woman but brave dog is determined to foil his plans (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Wherever you may live, it is a sad fact of life: We must beware of thieves and other dangerous attackers. But if we all had a dog like this in our lives, maybe we could worry less.

Somewhere in Europe, a CCTV camera captured an amazing scene. 

Thief tries to take woman’s bag

One day, a woman walked down the street. She was holding bags in both hands. As she walked by, she passed a little black dog – whether he was a stray or a neighbour’s dog, we don’t know.

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Suddenly, a man appears in the shot. Wearing a hooded jacket, he walks quickly behind the woman, getting closer and closer to her. Suddenly, he grabs one of her bags violently and tries to steal it away from her.

Dog protects woman from thief

But the man had no idea what he was getting himself into. Seeing the woman was in distress, the little black dog ran towards them, and started barking and nipping at the man’s heels. Though he wasn’t very big, the dog was impressive enough to scare the man away. Indeed, he took off at full speed, no bags in hand.

The dog then walks back towards the woman slowly, as if to say: “Everything alright?”

This dog really was the unexpected hero of the day. What an incredible pup. Well done!

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