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Woman sees something in snow: When she realises what it is, she runs back inside

man trying to catch cocker spaniel walking in the snow dog-sad © PawMeow - YouTube

‘Never leave an animal in need’ – that’s what this Bulgarian couple always says. And that’s exactly what they did when they saw Koki in the snow.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few months ago, in the dead of winter in cold Bulgaria, a woman was walking through several feet of snow to get to the grocery store. 

Suddenly, ahead of her, she saw what looked like a dog. As she approached, she realised it was indeed a Cocker Spaniel, lying in a ball in the snow, trembling, cold, and weak.


Spaniel rescued from snow

Immediately, the woman ran back home and alerted her husband, who grabbed a blanket and walked back outside with her. When they got back outside, the dog was using his last strength to walk down the road – probably afraid that these humans meant him harm.

But after some gentle coaxing, the couple were able to carry the dog inside their home. They quickly placed the poor animal in front of a heater and fed him tasty sausages. Within minutes, hope had returned to the dog’s eyes.

A new beginning

The dog, now named Koki, has since been adopted by a wonderful, loving new owner. It was found out that his previous owners had been abusive – but he’ll never have to deal with that again. 

We wish Koki all the best in his new life!

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