brown mastiff sitting next to boy with face to the wall

Child is put in time out; dog reacts by showing remarkable empathy

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Dogs are the best friends humans could ask for – whether they are young or old! This Mastiff proved his love and loyalty to his little master in a moment caught on camera.

A couple of years ago, three-year-old Peyton was picking a fight with his sister. Unimpressed, Peyton’s mum sent him to a “time-out”.

Mastiff joins boy in time-out

Upset, Peyton pressed his forehead up against the wall, sulking sadly in the corner, and feeling lonelier by the second.

But Peyton wasn’t alone for long. After a few minutes in the time-out spot, he was joined by his best friend, Dash the Mastiff

Kids’ best friend

Dash sat by the boy’s side quietly, allowing him to pet his head for comfort. The dog had clearly sensed that his little master was sad and needed reassurance. And he was more than happy to help.

Touched by the sweet show of affection, Peyton’s mum quickly grabbed her phone and took a picture. She couldn't stay mad at Peyton after seeing this adorable scene.

Dogs will never cease to amaze us. Good boy, Dash! 

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