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Man sees something unusual swimming towards his boat and cannot believe his eyes

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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It’s often the case for rescue stories: People are just at the right place and at the right time. These two men can certainly attest to that after the fishing experience they had!

A couple of friends were fishing on a river when they saw some movement on the bank.

Suddenly, they realised it was a little animal. It had just jumped into the water and was heading straight towards them.

Men scoop kittens out of river

As the animal approached, the men realised it was a tiny kitten! The desperate feline swam with all his might until he reached the boat, where one of the men leaned over to scoop him out of the water. But before the kitten’s rescuers could take a good look at him, they realised that another kitten was headed their way!

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Thankfully, the second kitten was a strong swimmer, too and made it all the way to the boat where her sibling was waiting for her. 

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Rescued kittens find forever home

Sadly, it’s thought that the kittens had been dumped and left to fend for themselves. Luckily, they saw hope in the two men who passed by, and took a leap of faith. They must’ve been pretty desperate to jump into the water and swim like that. Thankfully, their rescuers had hearts of gold.

The two men (or should we say heroes), brought the kittens back to shore and soon found loving forever homes for them. They were named River and Warrior – quite appropriate names if you ask us!

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