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Dog owner looks out of his window in the morning and can’t believe his eyes

fawn laying down in driveway dog-happy

It’s important to remember that we, humans, and our pets share the world with all sorts of flora and fauna – so sometimes, our paths inevitably cross. 

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 01/07/2021, 21:00

Pat Pollifrone is a musician living in Nashville with his two dogs. 

Just last week, Pat found a baby deer resting in his driveway. In an effort to reunite the baby with his mum, Pat picked it up and carried it across the road, where the forest is. 

Dog adopts fawn

But the next day, as Pat looked out the window, he realised the fawn was back in his driveway…and his dogs could not be happier!

In fact, it seems they decided to adopt the little deer and treat it as they would a puppy! The dogs, and Zoey especially, could be seen cuddling up close to the fawn and licking him clean!

A new life

Of course, living in a house with humans and having dogs as substitute parents isn’t an ideal life for a wild animal. So while Pat and Zoey loved the little guy, they tried to get in touch with wildlife rescues. In the end, the little fawn ended up going to a goat farm – hopefully on a temporary basis. 

We are so sad the little deer lost his real mum, but he got the best babysitter he could’ve ever asked for! Zoey gave him all the love and attention he needed at the time! Good girl, Zoey!