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Panic erupts after pitbull and child are left alone in garden

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Charlie the Pitbull is a very special rescue dog but one day, out of the blue, he barks like mad. Moments later, his owner races to the hospital with her son.

When Candia Merchant from Saint George, Canada, rescued the abused Pitbull Charlie a year and a half ago, she thought he was a wonderful but otherwise pretty normal dog.

The loving pooch developed an incredible bond with her and her three sons, but no one could have predicted how important the pup would become to the family.

Quick-thinking pup

One afternoon, Charlie was playing in the garden with Candia’s son, 14-year-old Donald. 

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The dog watched his little pal look for his fishing rod in the shed. Then Charlie began to bark loudly – because he knows something that Donald doesn’t: he’s in danger!

Stung by a vicious hornet, Donald collapsed in front of the shed following an anaphylactic reaction to the sting.

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Just in time...

Charlie barked frantically and thankfully Candia, hearing the commotion, immediately ran into the garden and saw her son lying in front of the shed. 

She acted quickly and fetched her medication; she too is allergic to hornet stings. But until now, no one knew that she had also passed this on to Donny.

At the hospital, Candia's son fortunately gets back on his feet quickly, and for the next two weeks, the Pitbull doesn't leave his side.

Charlie, we think you're a hero, and we hope you're getting all the tummy rubs you deserve!

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