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Woman starts filming when she sees strange behaviour between two cats

Cats cuddling cat-happy

We all need a special friend to lean on during tough times. And this adorable pair of cats found each other at just the right time. Now they can't bear to be apart! 

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 27/05/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 04/01/2022, 10:17

Solitary? Aloof? Maybe even a little arrogant? These are a few words you might use to describe (some) cats' stand-offish nature. 

And you wouldn't be entirely wrong. Because unlike dogs, cats want to know what you're all about before they start dishing out the love. And that's fair enough.  

Best friends for life

But all rules are defined by their exceptions, and we recently came across two super-friendly felines who smash every kitty stereotype in the book.

The duo was recently filmed enjoying a morning walk together like old friends. But that's only the start of the cuteness. During the stroll, the adorable pair wrapped their tails around each other. And then they nuzzled together to make their morning snuggles feel extra snuggly!

A video this cute was always going viral. More than 12million people have watched the clip on TikTok. And it now has over 2.5million likes and thousands of comments.

Kitty soulmates

People filled up the comments section with words like 'beautiful,' 'adorable,' and 'gorgeous.' Others wanted to know more about the grey and black kitty, like, how do these guys know each other? Was this random? Or does it happen every day?

Unfortunately, we don't know the backstory to this little romance. But one social media user called Elle Marie wrote that she'd seen this kind of behaviour in feral cat colonies before.

Whoever these two kitties are, we hope they're still together now! Because everybody needs a best friend for life.

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