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Rescuers discover a strange creature, but grooming session reveals its beauty

Dog with matted and dirty fur dog-serious
© SPAD Funchal - Facebook

A rescue pooch named Tommy is ready for his forever home after undergoing an amazing makeover. The former scruffy puppy is now a very handsome little fella!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 23/04/2021, 21:00

When animal rescuers spotted Tommy wandering around the outskirts of Funchal City, Portugal, they weren't even sure if he was an actual dog. All they could see was a giant ball of dirty and matted fur.

But whatever it was, they knew it needed help. So the team enticed the strange-looking furball into a car with some treats and took it to a nearby SPAD rescue centre.

Let the grooming begin

And that's where the SPAD vets began an epic grooming session to see what was hiding behind all that fur! 

It took more than an hour to cut away all the hair, making this the longest and toughest grooming session in the SPAD history. But it was well worth all the effort. Because underneath all that mess, they found a handsome little boy called Tommy!

Tommy was a little nervous at first. Further examinations suggested he'd been out on the street for months, and maybe even years. It means this poor guy has probably never known life in a real home or had any humans to take care of him. 

Tommy is ready for his new life to begin

But he's learning now, and it's all thank to the fantastic volunteers at SPAD. They're giving Tommy lots of strokes, tonnes of love, and more than a few treats. Tommy is growing in confidence every day and is now looking for his perfect dog-parents.

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We hope he finds someone to love him forever soon. And with a face like that, he shouldn't have to wait very long.